Residential Construction & Renovation Projects

Property Rehabilitation and Renovation projects involve many moving parts, and often involve many people. While performing improvements to a rental or flipping a property may be in the owner’s best financial interests, these projects require effective oversight by the owner to ensure projects are completed according to scope, on time, and within budget.

For property owners lacking the time or technical expertise to effectively manage their capital projects, ANCHOR provides two solutions, owner’s representative and project management services.

Having built a network of trusted contractors through facilitating construction and renovation projects totaling in excess of $15 million, the ANCHOR team is uniquely qualified to protect your interests and drive successful project outcomes.

Owner’s Representative Services

As owner’s representative, we will serve as a liaison between you and all other parties to ensure that your vision and best interests are observed throughout the entire project process. As owner’s rep, we oversee and monitor the work of each contractor and supplier, and provide regular reports to give the peace of mind that comes with knowing all potential risks are being mitigated in real time.

Having trusted representatives who are knowledgeable about the process can make all the difference.

Project Management Services

Similar to an owner’s representative, project managers oversee and monitor project developments to ensure successful outcomes. The difference lies in the degree of oversight that comes with being the manager. As project manager, we will essentially plan and manage all aspects of the project from start to finish. This includes but is not limited to developing the scope of work, obtaining bids, drafting and negotiating contracts, hiring and supervising contractors.

The logistics surrounding budgets, expenses, payments, and schedules are managed by us; with you kept informed throughout the entire process.

Regardless of which service is best for your unique situation and objectives, the ANCHOR team is prepared to provide comprehensive service to ensure your projects are executed according to plan.

Contact Us today to learn more about how our construction management services will keep you on track to accomplishing your project goals.

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