About Us

Our Mission is to do good business and deliver maximum value to our partners and investors. We do this by providing opportunities and services that help investors realize maximum returns on real estate investments.

Our Why

Buying a property is typically among the largest investments that someone makes over the course of their entire lifetime. The amount of investment and potential liabilities are multiplied for real estate investors.

When coupled with the potential for property values to decline due to market cycles, mismanagement, negligence, or simply following the wrong advice, the real estate market can be a dangerous place.

Living and working in the Philadelphia Region, we have witnessed first-hand, the damage that troublesome real estate problems can do to families and communities. From the burning desire to leverage our knowledge, experience, and resources to help investors access profitable deals and avoid potential downfalls, ANCHOR PROPERTY SOLUTIONS was born.

The Meaning of an ANCHOR

Widely known for being the tool used to secure ships in place at sea, the Anchor has been a symbol of strength, security, safety, and hope dating back to ancient times. Our Company was founded to be your Anchor, providing services to help you remain secure and steadfast in your real estate ventures.

Our Management Team

President & Co-Founder

CEO & Co-Founder

Acquisitions Specialist

Our Core Values

  • Value First: We believe that if we lead with service and do the job right, profits will follow.
  • Honor: We value honor and integrity, and always remain accountable for our decisions, actions, and performance.
  • Partnership: We believe that more heads are better than one, and work smarter by forming alliances to create the best possible solutions.
  • Community: We are committed to positively impacting the communities we work in, because underneath it all, its made up of the people who live there.
  • Hard Work & Results: We are results-oriented, and will put in the work to produce the best possible outcomes. Period.

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